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    is this possible at all? with a hack or a patch? i use my phone for music and podcasts. when i get home, it would be cool to be able to connect my phone via h2dp bluetooth to my laptop or ipad to use that device as speakers, and continue listening without needing to load a website or download the podcasts again on the alternative device. what do you think?
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    You can totally do this, but it depends on your laptop manufacturer. Most laptops with broadcom bluetooth chipsets can do it on Windows 7. The broadcom bluetooth stack will function this way automatically after you connect your phone to your PC via bluetooth. I don't think that there is a way to do it on Mac OS X, though.
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    ok, i havnt figured out how to do that with windows 7 then.
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    I would love to find a way to do this. I downloaded updated bluetooth drivers for my Toshiba Satellite laptop, but couldn't get it to stream audio to my laptop from my Pre 2, although I think the problem with that was that the bluetooth dongle doesn't support a2dp...
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    i havnt heard of anyone doing this successfully who does have h2dp in their laptop, like me. anyone?
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    Another thing to consider is a Sprint FIPO. If you have any stereos that have a dock for your Ipad / phone it plugs into it. This allows you to stream music to the docks.

    Check out this link. It gives a good idea as to the size of it.!5606701/the-...akers-wireless

    Sprint used to sell them for 10.00.

    The only issue I have had is that they don't stream well if you are using WIFI on a Pre under 1.4.5. Works much better under 2.1.0.

    I have two in my home.
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    I have done this on Win7, though it was a total hassle to get working. My laptop doesn't have BT built in, so i bought a cheap BT adapter. I had to find the correct drivers for it because for whatever reason Win7 doesn't natively support A2DP. So to get these working you need to download drivers for another device and install them. Googling "A2DP" will get you there. (Here's one link, not sure if the driver in it will download though... How to add A2DP support to Windows 7). Its also possible that visiting the manufacturer of your BT chip will get you drivers for Win7 that support A2DP.

    Once that is working i turn on BT on phone and computer, and then open the BT devices window, right click on my Pre+ and choose "control". this gives me the option for headset, or audio control.

    Edit: Another option is to use something like the BlackBerry music gateway. This is a dedicated BT gateway which can be used to get a line-out to a stereo or other device in order to stream music over A2DP from your webOS phone.
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    @NickVTPre finally was able to add my pre to my bluetooth settings, but i dont see a place to choose "control" when i right click it in the bluetooth settings window, and a search for a "bluetooth device" app yields a file transfer app.
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    Sony Ericson made a device called the HBH-DS205. It's a pendant receiver that also has a small mic to transmit for voice calls as well. It has a standard 3.5 headphone input so you can plug in any head phones you want or use a patch cable to the aux in of your home system. I wear mine all day for phone calls and stereo media using my favorite headphones, then plug it into a patch cable next to a charging dock so I can use my pre like a remote control. The best part is the mic placement is such that when the music mutes (phone rings) I can take voice calls either on the handset or over the air through the pendant's mic like a home stereo speakerphone. Excellent range and sound. Sells for around $50. Great versatile gadget. I even have ability to send sound from my Toshiba laptop to it via a USB dongle (Macs have one built in).

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