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    was wondering if its possible to change the email notification icon. I really dont like the google icon on WebOS 2.1 and would love to see a gmail icon like this:
    Another thing i was wondering, why doesnt WebOS show the contact icon? if the email adress is known, would something like this be patchable?

    Started searching in the email app with internalz Pro and found several notification Icons, like the one attached for gmail. But it seems on 2.1 this wont be used and the standard account icon for google gets displayed instead. (blue "G")
    Can anyone tell me where this icon is located?
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    I was playing around with this too, I kinda broke something, so I gotta try it again. But basically, the old email icon is still located in the images folder in the email app and the notifications.css file in the stylesheets points to the old gmail icon.

    This is being overwritten (I believe) in the notifications css file in luna-systemui which tells any dashboard having a Google/Gmail account id to the use the ugly blue icon.

    The email apps css file should override this, but I'm thinking that the email account is showing as a Google account rather than a gmail account. I tried changing this a bit, didn't get the results I wanted, but I was going to give it another go later after looking at some other patches.
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    great to hear im not the only one bothered by the new icon and that someone is allready working on a patch to fix this, good luck
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    +1 retro gmail icon!

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