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    With the unfortunate fact that Advanced Config for Launcher is now rendered incompatible with webOS 2, I have no ways to hide unwanted apps or rename long- or ridiculously-named apps.

    However... I know it's possible to do this through Internalz, but what if there was a way to do it through an app? It could just be a list of all apps, and when one is tapped, it brings up a screen with just a field for the name and a checkbox for the visibility.

    I'd do this myself, but I'm flat-out inundated with programming work already.

    Hell, if someone codes this and makes it somewhat pretty (Palm Dark theme? ), I'll make the icon and pay them $10 over PayPal or donate the equivalent amount to webOS Internals if the dev so chooses.

    For non-devs, anyone else wanna pledge money on this project?
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    yes, please! I'll pay! I'll pay!
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    It would need to be a homebrew app with a node.jsjsjs $or$ $C$ $service$ $running$ $as$ $root$. $You$ $can$'$t$ $do$ $it$ $from$ $mojo$ $alone$.

    It would cause file verification problems, and possible OTA update problems, so anyone doing it should make that clear to the users.

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