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    I just upgraded my BellMo Pre (UKv2.1.0-18 at SS 1000/500) from 1.4.5 to 2.1 and have these patches installed:
    Advanced System Menus- App Menu
    ASM -Device Menu
    ASM -Framework
    ASM -Mode Menu
    ASM -Power Menu
    ASM -Today Menu
    Muffle System Logging
    Multi Mod
    Unthrottle Download Manager

    I'm not seeing the conflict in patches. Is this a Pre 2 only patch?
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    ASM Framework conflicts with all battery patches I know of except percent and icon rotated 270 degrees (dunno if that's the exact name).

    Edit: "Rotated 270deg Battery Icon And Percent"

    Anyway, it's the Framework. Sconix says it'd be easier to edit the battery patches than for him to edit the framework because it affects so much stuff.
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    Ok, thank you. Guess I'll use that one until it gets sorted out
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    t's what I'm doin'.
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    what the issue that causes this is that Sconix has added the gps icon to the top bar in his framework patch. this conflicts with the show actual battery percent patch which has been incorperated into the battery as a percent patch. Sconix has done this to stimulate the gps more so that gps triggers are more acurate in mode switcher. as to why these two patches conflict i cannot tell you only that they always have.
    i have attached a patch that i downloaded from the original thread on this -- it is not mine.... it works well with sconix's patches

    also the 270 degree patch works and the icon with verticle percent will work also -- i have asked in the original thread for this to have a bigger font
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