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    Hi everybody,
    as I listen to the music or radio, i got an idea. As the music app as well as the radio apps are all functional if we are doing some other stuff like browsing the web or checking mails, by switching the cards, i was asking how about swipe card down to minimize the apps you don't want on desktop?
    What you think about that?and would that be somehow possible?

    edit: when app is minimized,it shows you the icon of the app,just like the music app does
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    I believe this functionality exists.. Just needs to be coded by devs.. Sometimes it makes sense .. Others not so much

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    That's a great idea!

    Swipe down the card, and have it appear on your dashboard! Then just tap on that area to see what apps are running in the background.

    For new webOS PC users, it'd be a VERY familiar UI.. it's just like Windows... without the icons on the desktop though. Hmm...

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