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    I was wondering if it were possible to make a patch to change the language of the text assist to one different from the OS language.

    For example I like to use my phone with english menus and all, but I live in Mexico so all of my texting is in spanish, so I thought it would be nice to have a patch which would let you choose the language you write in.

    Thanks in advance
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    I wish there was a way I could get both Spanish and English on my Pre 2. I'm having a hard time with the autocorrect.

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    +1 i write in english and german and it is not useable with auto-correction on.
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    yes, please!
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    Por favor, Bitte
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    I would also love an easy way to switch languages :-)
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    I am native Dutch working in an international English environment. I refuse to accept that this can't work on this 1Ghz device with 16Gb of memory while it worked brilliant on my Tungsten|C almost 10years ago (ok in combination with Documents to Go). So please more languages and easy switching. It's 2011 for crying out loud. And yes I am willing to pay for this (although even Google Chrome/Firefox and yes even M$ IE browser does this for free)
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    I just turned off autocorrect as well, since writing in Norwegian made 95% of the words change to rubbish and made writing very inefficient.

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    I'm Dutch as well and would like this too. At the moment I disabled the autocorrect, because it was quite annoying when texting.
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    +1, this is a pain when you switch between different languages in your communication! I would require this for the TP
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    Has anyone considered trying to build installable "learned words" auto-correct libraries for this purpose?
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    A "learned word" library is a good idea! But how do you do this efficiently?
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    If someone accomplishes this, it would be awesome to use the notification area for switching languages
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    Or device menu...
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    There is an easy solution for changing the text assist language on the Touchpad:
    Just add another keyboard (same layout) with the desired language. You can change the language with a new key on the keyboard. The text assist uses the language of the current keyboard.
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    Hi Dodnet,

    the additional Keyboards works for the languages in the system.
    Dutch e.g. is not listed

    As such, we would need a way to add a new Keyb layout & get a dutch word-list in the system.
    Does any one know the location of the dictionaries .db ?

    Also, it would be good to have a keyboard or patch (notification bar?) to switch on or off autocorrect easily
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    Another problem with the additional keyboards approach (vs the learned words approach) is with regards to multi-lingualism. Like the multi-lingualism that results, por ejemplo, when two people communicate in piu d'una lingua in comune .
    I'm sure that the previous sentence throws for a loop anyone (person or system) that doesn't share the same three "dictionaries" I used to write it. If you then consider the fact that a poliglot may have interlocutors in any subset of its own common languages, or superset if one consider languages where mastery is limited, then any scheme that establishes a single language is flawed if it tries too hard, as it'll get in the way.

    PS: yes, me too +1,000 for having an autocorrect feature that is usable in multi-lingual situations.
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    Longing for this patch, too.
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