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    This patch causes the phone app to always open up to the Favorites scene. It makes the Favorites scene the default back view for the Dialpad and CallLog scenes. It makes it so that if you swipe back on the Favorites scene, the app will go into card view.

    This patch has only been tested on 2.1.0, but you may be the 2.0.1 tester if you wish.

    If the app returns to Favorites when you don't want it to or doesn't when you want it to, post here and I'll look at it. If it doesn't work at all, you can post that, too.

    I will submit it to Preware tonight.
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    Hello! This was my favorite patch (no pun intended) on 2.1 - any chance of porting to 2.2.4? I already added 2.1 feed and tried to install to no avail. Didn't expect it to, but thought it was worth a shot. Any chance? Please???? I miss it! Thank you!
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    Hi there! Changed Veer for Pre 3, now cap-in-hand and knee-bended begging for 'Open to Favorites' ported to 2.2.4. Should I say this is one of the greatest Preware patches I've ever ran into? I think I should, 'cause it's absolute truth!..
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    There are quite some differences in the phone app between 2.1.x (Mojo) and 2.2.x (Enyo). I could possibly create a patch that does most of the patches of 2.1.x patch, but not all files and bits exist in 2.2.x!

    You might want to give the "Advanced System Prefs" a try first, in particular "Advanced System Prefs - Phone Prefs". It's in there already!

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