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    This patch modifies the default Quick Action for the Messaging app to prefill your contact as Twitter. It changes the Quick Action to read "Post to Twitter" instead of "New Message".

    (As such, this removes the non-prefilled QA, however, you can erase the prefilled number whenever you want)

    The patch requires your Twitter shortcode to work.

    If you do not know your Twitter shortcode, check here and find your number on the list:
    List of Twitter Shortcodes

    I've uploaded a version that has the Twitter shortcode "40404" in it and another where you have to fill in the shortcode for your country on your own!

    When you download the custom version, where I have written:

    you write:

    (or whatever your shortcode is)

    I will upload the 40404 version to Preware and tell everyone who isn't using 40404 to come here.

    This patch has only been tested with 2.1. You may be the guinea pig for 2.0.1 if you would like.


    (Please note on the second screenshot that the 40404 part has been changed to read Twitter automatically by webOS because I have a contact named Twitter with 40404 listed as the number. If you don't have a contact for your shortcode, it will say your shortcode instead.)
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    malpha how do you find out your shortcode for twitter?
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    All Twitter shortcodes are listed here: Twitter Help Center

    I'll add it to the first post.

    If you're in the US, your Twitter shortcode is 40404.
    PSN Twitter Last.FM

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