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    I want to be able to merge 2 contacts to one.
    I want to do this with primarily Google contacts. For example:

    Lets say I have a person I'm my phone book with his number. Lets say I've been e-mailing him but have not saved his email to his contact. Well through google magic I will have his email in my phone's contacts but it will be a separate contact with out a name. If I try to link the contact with webOS it will do that fine, but they will still be two separate contacts. In order to actually merge them I have to copy/paste the email from one contact to the other and delete the old contact. That's a pain.

    How about a menu option "merge google contacts" under the contacts that are linked to more than one google contact?

    In addition it would also be nice to have an option to copy the facebook contact data such as phone number and email to the linked google contact. Plenty of times I go to gmail knowing that I have someone's email or phone number on my pre and then get frustrated when I can't find it because that data resides on the facebook part of the contact. The only way to correct that is to manually type in the same info on the same contact so that it gets written to the google contact. And that's also a pain.

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    totally! Remember the old de-dupe utility we had for PalmOS?
    besides de-dupe and combibe, I want to be able to change the 'ownershp' of a contact - so I can open a contact that s in my palm profile (by mistake) and just choose thati want it to be in my google contacts or outlook...

    great suggestion. I wonder if a homebrewer could create an app to do this? I doubt palm will do it any timesoon. I'd pay good money to be able to get that from the app catalog!

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