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    Sprint Pre with 2.1 here, the only patches I am really missing are the 15 point messaging font, reduced top bar font size, and battery icon as percent (white). If someone could update these to work on 2.1 I would greatly appreciate it.

    Even better, if I could be pointed in the right direction as to where I should start, I would attempt to update them myself.
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    An Iphone walks into a bar with a Palm Pre on it's shoulder. The bartender looks up and says, "Hey, that's pretty cool, where can I get one of those?" and the Palm Pre says "Hipstertown, they're all over the place"
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    i'll +1 this.

    when I first updated my pre plus to 2.1 I managed to find this patch in the 2.0 feed and it worked a treat. However I recently had to EPR my phone and when I went to get the patch I saw that it was just a placeholder. I think this is an important patch as it allows more text without scrolling, but also for those with poorer eyesight a slight modification makes the text huge.
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    Yup. Just joined the WebOS ranks and this would be a great patch.

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