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    MetaDoctor'ed my Sprint Pre (Minus) to webOS 2.1 last night, and now I am trying to put the patches I like (at least the ones that are available) back on it. So far:

    1) The "Just Charge by Default" v2.1.0-3 patch seems to conflict with the "Advanced System Menus - Power Menu" v2.1.0-7 patch. Probably not surprising since they both have to do with power functions.

    2) The "Battery Percent as Icon" v2.1.0-11 patch seems to conflict with any/all of the "Advanced System Menus" patches.

    The IPKG logs for these are attached. However, when I went to look for the .rej files to see the rejects, those files are not present on the device. Any advise for going forward with these as I'd like to have them installed all at the same time? Thanks!
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    Just Charge by Default is contained in the Power Menu already, so that's why that conflicts. The Battery Percent Icon is probably gonna conflict though unless someone uploads a version specifically for Advanced System Menu, I think they alter the same files...
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    Well, that explains it. Thanks!

    Anyone up for creating a version of Battery Percent as Icon what works with the Advanced System Menus patches??

    Thanks again!

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