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    how difficult would it be to develop a patch to the contacts app to add category and privacy tags to each contact, so that the contacts app would work more like it did on palm os?

    this is a pretty glaring deficiency in my opinion, and i would happily pay for a patch to add these features!

    (btw - i am currently using 'jVault' to meet this need, but would rather have the contacts app have the usability features it should have.)
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    Not saying this is why you asked or anything, but things like this jump out to me as someone cheating or doing something they shouldn't in the first place. The only patch I've used that hides things is the text privacy patch so people can't read my messages when I get a text and it's on the lock screen. Hope someone can make this for you though,good luck.
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    i understand that could be one use for such a thing, but my request (and previous application of this capability on palm os) was to protect contact list entries that i used for information such as credit card and banking information. keeping these entries 'private' with a password to protect them in case the phone gets lost or stolen i think is a perfectly valid non-dirtbag use.

    and the value of the ability to tag/categorize contacts and view only a list of contacts in a given category, for example 'work', or 'basketball league', whatever, i think is fairly self evident.
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