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    Advanced Calendar Quick Action

    This patch changes the behavior of the Quick Action for a new calendar event in webOS 2.0.1.

    It allows you to enter in the start time and the day or date of the event and Quick Action will automatically parse out the data and enter it into the event for you.

    This patch works very similar to the "Quick Event" app. Quick Event no longer works in webOS 2.x and I miss it! Since I use the Calendar app more than any other app, Quick Event was very useful.

    Instructions for use:
    Enter in the event description followed by the start time with a "-" after the start time. Optionally you can add an end time immediatly after the "-".
    You may also add a day (Fri) after the word "next" or a date (Mar 15). You can also enter the location using text after "at" "@" or "in". If it is an all day event you can use ad- instead of a time.

    Examples of acceptable entries:
    Birthday party 6p-
    Birthday Party 18- at the bar
    Birthday party 6:00p- next Fri
    Birthday party 6p- Mar 15
    Morning meeting 8-
    Midnight snack 12a- in the Kitchen
    Lunch date 12- @ Pizza Tent
    Exact time reminder 6:04p-
    My Birthday ad- Mar 15
    Sick day ad-
    Long Meeting 8-2p
    Short Meeting 11-11:30
    Play Angry Birds 8-11p next Sa

    Change Log:

    02-23-2011 9:46pm EST =
    added support for end time
    added support for all day events and error
    Fixed bug due to typo
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    doesn't seem to work for me. With Webos QI v.4, it keeps giving me error
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    what's the error? Please retry as I have updated the patch. I will also be submitting to Preware.
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    I had to pull this patch. I am seeing some very strange behavior only on the Verizon Pre 2 with 2.0.1. Not an unlocked Pre 2 with 2.0.1. Any help is appreciated...

    The problem is that if you create an event (in any manner: quick action or normal way) it will copy itself over an over indefinitely. I have only noticed it on google calendar accounts. I think that for some reason when it syncs with google there is a miss-communication of sorts such that the next time it syncs it re-copies the event FROM google back to the phone as a new event; and then repeats this over an over.

    UPDATE: Apparently this is a known bug in webOS, and not my patch. None the less, testing is impossible to complete safely. So this patch is on hold. Sorry....
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