i couldn't find a patch for that
what i don't like about the phone app:
when i start a call, and switch to another app (while i am on headset or speaker)
say i type sms or email
as soon as the call starts (someone actually picks up) the phone app popps up again and catches some buttons i typed, so i have to go back to my last app and sometimes even hang up the call and redial (i called DELL and waited in line and in my sms i just typed button D=4 so it transfered me to the wrong person

second problem
when i am on a call that i placed (again while i am on headset or speaker), i have my pre for multitasking. so i don't stare at the phone app. i continue working on another app.
when the call ends, the app pops up again
interestingly when a call, which i received, ends i only get a notification in the bar

thank you
i'm on a original Pre 1.4.5