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    I can't believe that PNGs are not supported on the Palm Pre. I can't view, much less download PNG images. PNG is becoming a more popular format due to it being lossless and bandwidth getting higher. Since all the icons in the Palm Pre are PNG, it should be easy to make it viewable in the browser. If there's already a patch/app for this, please link me to it.
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    No help at all? D: Please... People rated this as the best mobile browser, but if it can't display PNGs, an increasingly popular format, then I just don't see it as the greatest mobile browser.
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    Should I post in another topic to get help..?
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    For anyone who cares, there's a large image patch that resolves this issue. It's called "raise image resolution size limit" under the browser patches in Preware I'm glad I could help myself

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