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    there are some little patchs.
    but I can't find how to pack patch to ipk.
    search the forum and can't find enough information.

    could u someone can help me about it?

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    You have to do a few things to pack a patch.

    I would recommend you just submit it to the webOS Internals patch portal, which does packaging automatically a couple times an hour (their autobuild server) I think: webOS-Patches Web Portal. It also adds the patches to Preware.
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    is there any other way to pack a patch to IPK?
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    I've never used it but you can try Canuck Coding's ipk packager.
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    I highly recommend against packaging a patch into an ipk. Only way to recommend it would be by submitting it to the webos-internals patch submission website. While technically its possible to use my Ipk Packager app with AUPT scripts, I wouldn't advise it.

    Why do you need to package the patch anyway? Both WOSQI and Internalz are able to install plain .patch files as the are using up-to-date patch installing standards
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    I use Jason's IPK Packager all the time to create AUPT-compatible patches for my own custom Preware feed.

    Works great, but it's slightly time-consuming if you're doing more than a couple patches at a time, because you have to make sure the AUPT scripts are edited correctly and update a Packages file for each patch you create.

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