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    Here's my first patch!

    When the alarm goes off, pressing either the up or down volume key snoozes the alarm. xanthinealkaloid's more default snooze times is also incorporated into this patch.

    Thanks to tk102 for the Camera Capture with Volume Keys patch, to get me started with the volume rocker keys.

    Install the patch with webos quick install!

    I'll eventually get around to getting this submitted so it can be in preware, but right now dbsooner's website is down for maintenance.

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    That was fast...I wish i could make patches but I am a terrible programmer (but good graphic designer).

    Haven't installed it yet but does it work even if the screen is locked?
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    so how do you set the snooze time?
    got patch installed but can not set the snooze times
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    Quote Originally Posted by warlord9159 View Post
    so how do you set the snooze time?
    got patch installed but can not set the snooze times
    Its in the drop down menu under preferences. At least mine is.
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    found it
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    testing some more now
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    yes, works w/screen locked
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    works on TS. cool
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    works on TS or not with screen lock on.
    this patch just works great.
    great patch
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    I like seeing new patches on here.
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    nnice one!
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    Ok... on dbsooner's site it says.


    1300 CST...on what day? Is there any other way to submit a patch?

    EDIT: Ok, I just realized that those few links on the page are pointing to the wrong site. they should be going to webOS-Patches Web Portal, but are linking instead to dBsooner's webOS-Patches Web Portal
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    great job pezman from cleveland!
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    Anybody want to give this a go on webos 2.0? as I don't have a phone with 2.0...i can't do it!

    and thank you stu!!

    Ultimate Snoozer has been submitted to the WebOS-Patches portal. Hopefully it'll be in preware later today!
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    is there any way you can include a volume control on the alarm so that it starts out soft and gradually gets louder? I would love to see this... thanks.
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    i'm sure that would be possible, but that would be a different I don't think it has anything to do with snoozing...unless you are talking about "snooze...raise volume...snooze...raise volume"
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    guess it would be wise to remove the default snooze times deluxe patch right?
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    Yep, otherwise I'm pretty sure this one won't install! But this adds that functionality back into it, so you should be all set!
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    patch won't install, have no idea what it's conflicting with. And what directory is the patch supposed to place itself in?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out, I can't install this through Internalz. Something weird happens to the patch. Installed fine through QI...great patch! Won't be able to truly test it though until tomorrow morning! I have a terrible habit of hitting the volume button when the alarm goes off just to shut the damn thing up! LOL! This will help me out a great deal!
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