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    OK, I've figured out how to remove those buggy built-in apps that you never use!!!
    I'll try to explain it so that it's easy to follow... SO HERE GOES!

    First, you must have webos quick install ready to go.

    Then, download filemgr and internalz: ,

    Install those apps via quick install by clicking the plus button in quick install and selecting the downloaded files, and then click install.

    Once those are installed, go in to internalz and tap "preferences" under the app menu. Scroll all the way down, and then tap "master mode". A dialog will come up, tap ok.

    Next, go to the root folder, scroll down to "usr", tap it, then, scroll down to "palm": "applications", and tap AND HOLD on each app folder which you want to delete, when you are done, tap the menu button and then tap "restart": "luna restart".

    Those ANNOYING little apps are gone! Now, if someone knows how to make a patch out of that, please reply, or just make it... If you found this helpful, please click the THANKS button!

    God Bless, Tech Dude
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    Wow. (Are you on webOS 2.x?) That's one way to get rid of them, but I wouldn't recommend it. You may have to doctor your phone to restore them.

    If you have webOS 1.4.x, there is a super elegant way of hiding apps from the launcher pages. It's in the "Advanced Configuration for App Launcher" patch.

    You could also edit the appinfo.json file to hide the app from the launcher. (This also hides the app from universal search, though, unlike the patch.) Just add/edit a line to include: "visible": false

    Hope this helps.
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    well. Hate to be a hater. But couldn't you just make a page at the end and throw em down there and ignore it?
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    With all due respect, I did that, but I'm TECH DUDE!!! And if there's a geekier way to do something, then I'll do it. (btw, I backed up the files before trashing them) And yes, I also know how to manually hide them using the appinfo file, but, for example, the browser can then be unhidden at any time, and for accountability purposes, that doesn't work. I appreciate the input, but I'm still looking for someone to help me make a patch!

    God Bless
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    I just hide them.

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