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    Disclaimer: This is a patch for webOS 2.x only.

    WebOS 2.0 changed how the camera records video.

    Basically, it's now possible to control the output filename format. So, like what I did for photos, I can do for videos.

    Install only 1 of the attached patches. Your choice. It will output videos recorded from the camera in the format: CIMG_YYYY-MM-DD-hhmmss.mp4 (or PRE or PIXI previx, if you chose those patches).

    I've attached the patches here, but they're also available now on the patch feed in WOSQI and Preware.
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    Hey Jason.... Seeing something weird here. I have improved-pre-video-naming installed on Sprint Pre+ with WebOS 2.1. I hadn't recorded a video until last night. On doing so, I find that the newly recorded video isn't available to the camera app (i.e. can't tap on it so share), nor do the videos show up in the video app (neither in the "Video roll" nor the "Loaded Videos" folders....)

    However, using Internals, I can see these "Pre_Date-time.mp4" videos in the DCIM/100Palm/ folder and I can play it from internalZ.

    Anyone else seen this?

    I have not yet tested to uninstall the patch and see if it goes back to normal. So, I'm only assuming that the renaming is causing the built-in apps (both camera and videos) to not be able to see the files.

    Just thought I'd post my experience -- and maybe this is unique to me since I searched and couldn't find anyone else reporting anything similar.
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    While I don't have 2.x I thank you for the efforts here.
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    Very weird. Last night I recorded two videos and this happened both times.

    Today, immediately after clicking send on the above post, I ran another 6 second video and it recorded and showed as available in both the camera app (as the most recently recorded item) and the Video Roll list. Last night's two videos are only still available via Internalz.

    So problem fixed, but I don't know what caused it.

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