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    Quote Originally Posted by dacrazydude View Post
    Here you go guys. Install it like any other patch. Use WebOSinstall.
    Will this work on Touchpad?
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    I tried to open patch but I got an error sign, ".. Can not open mime type."
    How can I install this update?

    Thanks for the patch, and I want to install it and try Korean lme on webOS

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    just installed it on my TouchPad and works great!
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    so far, i love it. thaank you thank youuuuu
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    any chance of doing Japanese?

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    I just tried for far too long to try and make this patch work...
    I am currently using the Justinput one and that works really well and I would love to be able to use Korean too.
    I tried downloading on my desktop.. sending myself the patch as an email.. downloading Internalz Pro to somehow install it.. copying and pasting to my device.. EVERYTHING..
    Please help!
    Thank you!

    *using the Pre 1.4.5 version
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    Take a look on Preware, a Korean IME patch is available in the catalogue there.

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