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    As far as I understand the ringer volume and headset volume (while on the phone) use the same "controller".

    Sometimes I turn the volume down when I'm on the phone. Then the ringer is at that same lowered volume.

    I want the ringer to be at max volume EVERY time is rings.

    I have a frickin' hardware ringer switch if I don't need a loud ringtone.
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    I want the opposite. I find the phone is a little hard to hear, especially in a noisy place like a train. But I don't want alarms and ring tones and stuff to be too loud. I wish I could set the phone volume to be "always max" but set the other volumes separately to be lower.
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    Well then...

    Set the Ringer volume to desired level during an incoming call.

    I just constantly adjust the volume while watching a movie or something, and sometimes before the movie is playing, it starts adjusting the headset/ringtone volume... when I'm only trying to adjust the multimedia volume. As soon as the movie is ready, I can then adjust the media volume, but then forget that the headset/ringtone volume has been adjusted and then forget to put it back where it should ALWAYS be.

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