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    I already am using the patch to display time and date on texts which is grat, but does anyone know of a patch that will display phone numbers in each text message that gets assigned to a conversation?

    I'm looking for it as I have a few friends with multiple phones (work and social) and I cant figure out which they used in the text message list.

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    I swear it used to do this stock, but I could be wrong. I'd be interested in an answer to this as well.
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    it kinda does at the start of a conversation, but not per text message for a person.
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    If you're not sure what number text you, you can always tap the "text" tab that's displayed next to the name. The number where the text is coming from will have a check mark

    Another way is using the "New card per text conversation" patch. If you have a contact with multiple mobile numbers, whatever number they're dialing from will display it's own card. Even if it's from the same contact but different mobile number. Seems to do that on my phone atleast

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