I think this would be a neat patch / program to have.

If you have the phone plugged in to a charger (USB/touchstone) and it is disconnected, it will allow you to:
a) lock the phone immediately
b) activate a warning beep prompting to enter an unlock code or it will sound an alarm (in case you genuinely unplugged it and forgot it was "armed")
c) even better, email GPS coordinates periodically once the alarm goes off after a set time period

The scenario is that I may have my phone plugged in to charge at my computer and I walk away leaving the phone plugged in, someone tries to walk away with it. We've had things disappear at work and it's quite easy to leave the desk and forget that the phone is still plugged in to charge.

I think this would be pretty cool. I guess this might not be a patch but more of an "app" ... I don't know.