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    was wondering if someone can make a patch to add a lockup option that requires a pin/password to access the messages. -preventing outside users from using the app to send msgs to others without your consent. May help if you: 1) lose your phone and don't want people sending texts. 2) near a fidgety group of people that simply explore your phone and do things like read your convos, etc.

    it would be kinda cool if an option in the top-left drop down menu to have a choice to enter a pw, pin, or something similar to the android unlock ui. Preferably a touchscreen ui for the unlock would make things simple for quick access vs using keyboard.(less keystrokes the better but that's just my prefs)

    the ui addition would be nice but a simple unlock prompt would suffice if possible
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    Can't be done. The closest thing you can do is hide the app in the launcher and use universal search to open it when you need it. Anyone who doesnt know that your phone can "just type" to search and open apps wont find the app in the launcher.

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