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    I searched prior to posting this thread and I did not see an Official Patch Request to enable the Classic users to continue using Classic once WebOS 2.x upgrade hits us.

    This request is not about why countless of users still rely on Classic Palm OS apps or why we are resistant to migrating to the cloud, Google or transitioning to another platform, etc.

    I don't really care to use Classic but it is the only emulator that will run Palm OS apps within WebOs and sync. I still use a 12+ year old InfoSelect free form database desktop version on my Win 7 that syncs to my InfoSelect Palm OS version seamlessly and vice versa.

    I did follow arthurthornton's procedure for storing my Classic app away using WebOS Doctor so that once the WebOS is upgraded, I can still retrieve my full working app other than requesting a license key from MA which I understand that they will still do if you purchased prior to the cut off date which I did.

    However, I, along with many other Classic users, do need help in setting up the PalmOS ROM once updated to WebOS 2.x. I am hoping that there can be a patch which automates this process.


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    Too bad nobody has responded as I need this too.

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