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    Not really sure if it is possible to integrate something like this into the Tasks app with a patch, but the lack of it is driving me nuts!

    There are plenty of apps out there with reoccurring tasks but none of them work with he notifications like the WebOS tasks app does. I really really really want to just be able to set a task to go off every week or month or every other tuesday or whatever.

    If anyone thinks they can undertake such a task it would be greatly appreciated!
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    I'm not a dev, but I was wondering what exactly you were looking for in the notifications? I played around with the Tasks app, and all I could see that it does is put a notification up when you have a task due that day (which you can tap and it takes you to the actual task entry). Was there something else that you're looking for it to do?

    I've been using ToDo Classic and it is all that and a bag of chips. The notifications work almost exactly the same, the difference being when you tap on the notification you're taken to the main list of tasks rather than the specific item details.
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    Yes, as far as notifications are concerned that's pretty much all I want. Tell me what I gotta do and I'll check it off when I get around to it, be it right then or in the following days. I am just too much of a space cadet to actually open the app and check to see what there is waiting for me.

    I downloaded the todo classic as well (I heard it was the bomb diggity) and maybe I need to play around with it more, because it doesn't do notifications for me...
    oh damn...

    Ok. I was just playing with it as I wrote this and figured out I gotta set an alarm to make it notify me.

    I wish Palm would have just kept the original like that.

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