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    I am trying to update the patch so that you can choose your choice of sharing client in one patch, instead of having a new patch for every configuration, I'll try to have it done by next week, fingers crossed. Whenever Carbon posts their parameters, they will be included, too.

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    Awesome. I'm looking forward to the Carbon integration. I've been searching around for 'post to twitter' patch for YouTube.
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    I've installed this patch but I'm only able to post the URL. Facebook will not fluff it up (for lack of a better word) with the thumbnail of the video on my FB page. How do I get that back?
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    ****, i have the aktuellity webos2.1 and the patches (schare videos via facebook and 4x4 2v icon lancer) is not currently. It is verry verry **** the hp webos 2.1
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