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    With webOS 2.0 or 2.1 on its way soon (hopefully) I was wondering if there is any way to remove all patches at once without having to remove each one individually with a luna restart in between?
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    In preware there is something called EPR (Emergency Patch Recovery, I think). Run it and it cleans up your phone from all the patches you installed. Its not an app though. So dont go download it. When the time comes, just go to preware, select it, and run it.
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    I believe there is under Preware. It's called Emergency Patch Recovery, which is found in Available Other/Linux Application/Utilities/EPR. It also reminds you not to run this with a theme installed.
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    Beaten to the punch, again, lol. I was making sure that I wasn't providing wrong information, as I've never used it. One more thing, when you install or remove multiple patches (removing the old-fashioned way), it isn't necessary to do a luna restart EVERY time. Just they won't take effect until you DO do a luna restart. It may be a good idea, for now if you aren't that familiar with patches that can/may conflict with each other but for instance say you pick Multi-Mod, Reduce Drag Radius 8px & Smooth Scrolling, you could do 1 luna restart for all, at once. If you think 2 patches are closely related to each other, then install them individually, but if they are in completely different areas frm each other there isn't as much risk. (Worst case scenario, as far as I can tell, is it just won't install the second conflicting patch, it will tell you it failed and give you an IPKG Error Log)
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    Doing an erase of Apps and App Data will also remove them all. So wil the webOS Doctor...

    But try the suggestions above first!
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    You can also use webOS QuickInstall & hit the Run EPR button
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    EPR, but even still you don't have to do a Luna restart in between.
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    thanks for the reply. i located EPR in preware so now i will be set when the time comes for the big update (if verizon releases it anytime soon)

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