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    I made a couple of clone patches for my Pre 2; patches others developed for 1.4.x. Posting the clone is the minimum action, I think, so others can benefit too.

    But I am reluctant to also submit those clones. I'd like to honor those that did the real hard work! Perhaps submit with the word CLONE? And leave it up to the original developer to submit a real one should he/she be interested and once possessing a Pre 2 or otherwise?

    B.t.w. I think Palm should have done much more cloning and be open about that. That way the scarce resources of patchers and homebrewers could come up with new things. Currently we also have to maintain old stuff, which is unavoidable for niche patches.
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    Find the thread in which the original patch was posted.

    Post your intention to submit the patch update. Attach your update.

    Wait for 48 hours to allow the original author to respond.

    If no response, submit the update, noting the original author in the description. Submit it as an update, not as a new patch.

    The MIT licensing of our patches allows for this.

    -- Rod

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