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    Now that verizon has their $15 150mb plans with 5gb free mobile hotspot data, is there a patch to somehow trick the phone into believing that the data used on the phone is actually the mobile hotspot data. This would basically allow anyone to have virtually unlimited bandwidth on their pre for only $15...

    does such a patch exist? or is there a way to do this?

    thanks in advance.
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    No, no patch and being dishonest, I don't think such would be allowed to be posted on here, anyway.

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    it's called freetether
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    Quote Originally Posted by millworkman View Post
    it's called freetether
    hat does the opposite if what the OP wants

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    If the OP is on VZW, he can turn on the MHS app, all data for the phone or any tethered device are charged to the 5gb limitwhen the MHS app is running. But that's not unlimited.
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    Yeah, he can turn on MHS to use data but the battery drain will be greatly increased from the wifi, right? I also have the $15 plan and MHS usage gets lumped into the general data usage until they update and differentiate what you used the data for.

    Maybe there's some sort of "reverse IP forwarding" that can be toggled that will allow you to choose the type of data usage (general or MHS). It's not any more "dishonest" than the sprint MHS workaround.

    It would only be useful for those on the $15 plan, but it'd be EXTREMELY useful in that.

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