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    Search SMS Text in Google or Open in Browser
    Available now in preware [1/23/2010]

    Adds Search in Google option when tapping an SMS or IM message.
    - Sometimes you want to search a phrase, product or idea on google that you received over SMS or IM, tap message and choose to have the message searched on

    Adds Open Link in Browser option as well
    - Sometimes when sending a url, the messaging app doesn't register the url as a link that's clickable (for instance when sending a url from the News [rss] app). This will take the sms text as a link and open the browser. Just be sure to use this when the entire message is a url.

    Update: Patch updated with alternate version from post #5.

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    Post updated with Patch file. Was able to locate code to make it all work. Please test and report so it can proceed to preware.
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    using 1.4.5 and not installing through internalz. Great idea for a patch!
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    Installed just fine for me.
    1.4.5 WebOSQuickInstall.
    thank you, this is a cool patch

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    Quote Originally Posted by stu5797 View Post
    using 1.4.5 and not installing through internalz. Great idea for a patch!
    Can you try installing using WebOSQuickInstall and report if it still didn't work? Also, can you list any patches you have installed for the Messaging app so that I could look into for conflicts.

    See if this alternative patch works for you instead.

    Update: alternate patch moved to post #1 above. Thanks stu5797 & warlord9159 for the feedback.

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    thanks! This alternative patch installed perfectly! Cool patch! I have a lot of patches so it would be tough to figure out why the first one was failing.
    great job

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