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    What is the official instruction for patches before installing webOS 2.0? Do I need to run EPR and remove all patches or will I just go ahead and install the update like before then update all the patches?
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    This is one that comes up with every update. The vast majority of your apps (probably all of them) will continue to work fine. Any that don't, will just sit there until you uninstall them or they get update.

    As for patches, pretty much any patch that is installed through Preware or WebOSQuickInstall will be safe to leave in place. However, they will be replaced with 'dummy packages' on your first updated, and will stay that way until they are re-done for the new OS version. Because WebOS 2.0 is such a MASSIVE upgrade, I'll be removing all of mine just in case, but that's just because I'm paranoid.

    All themes should be removed before any update.

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