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    Hi there,

    I'ld love to have the ability to enable my Pre to maybe after 2-3 minutes switch to the standby-screen which can be seen if it is charged on the Touchstone and maybe after 10-15 minutes (-> i.e. when it is obvously not in use at all) to go blank. Is this possible?

    I already tried the suggestion to use Mode Switcher and start the clock when the screen goes blank, but this doesn't work, as the screen stays blank and when activated again, the clock app is started, which isn't the same as the Touchstone standby-screen.

    Would be really happy if anyone could get this to work

    Regards, Doc
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    If I am right, you want your phone, while not on the touchstone, to go to the screen that shows when on the touchstone when not used for a certain amount of time? I dont think this is possible. If you mean while on the touchstone to go into standby mode after so many minutes, I think mode switcher does this, but im not sure. Its not something I've tried. Try the mode switcher thread. Also, when exhibition comes to us, a "stand by" mode will be there while on the touchstone instead of the lock screen thing.
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    Hi, your first assumption is right, I want it apart from the touchstone to go to the touchstone-standbyscreen instead of going blank.
    As this mode exists, it has to be possible to manually start it. But as always, the question is - how

    Regards, Doc

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