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    I created a patch that will stop phone numbers listed as fax numbers from appearing under the name of the contact when performing a universal search.

    I created this patch because I will never dial a fax number from my phone and hate when I accidentally do. I also hate having to pay such close attention to which number I need to tap.

    Fax number are still available in the contacts information in the contacts app.

    This is for WebOs v 1.4.5
    I have not figured out 2.0.1 yet as it is completely different for patching this.. Will soon...

    Submitted to Preware
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    Great patch, but i found that webos labels fax numbers as fax, not Work Fax by default if I'm not mistaken. I have over a 100 work numbers as "fax" any chance of adding another version that just blocks "fax" alongside "work fax" ? Great idea!
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    THe patch should by default hide all "Home Fax" and "Work Fax" numbers. Let me know if it doesnt
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    It does hide work fax, but the pre only lets you choose labels as "fax". The patch doesn't hide "fax" but only hides the label "work fax" or "home fax" which I can only assign by editing contacts on gmail directly. I'd like to be able to hide work fax, home fax & just "fax" too. Because I have way too many numbers I'd have to manually change my labels from just fax to work fax so it hides. Is that possible? Thanks!
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    bump for any more input on blocking multiple "fax" labels per my message before this. Thanks

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