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    I dont understand if this can be done, but is there a way to hide text messages on your phone. im kind of tired of posts going un answered lol. either try and create a patch or is it a directory where they can be found using internals?
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    You can hide the messaging app so it doesn't show in the launcher. Then if you want to open it you can just search message or even just sms in universal search. If no one knows how to use your phone or universal search, they wont be able to find it. Other than that, I don't think there is any other way.
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    If this was possible I think it would be called the "Brett Favre" patch.

    I doubt it would be possible to only hide certain messages or threads. Would you be satisfied by emailing them to yourself and then deleting them from the phone? Also, are you aware of this feature existing on any other smartphone? That might help to determine feasibility and design if it's already being done elsewhere because webOS seems to be as patchable as other smartphones.Just thinking out loud.
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    im just saying...we have the ability to hide photos or videos...why not text messages. i would think there would be a directory where we can find the app itself and hide it through internals
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    the text messages in 1.4.x are spread out across multiple tables within the palmdatabase.db3 file

    it would be really difficult and possibly risky to access and modify tables within that file.

    photos are stored in the USB partition and can be addressed directly because of that.
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    You can hide photos and videos because those are actual files. Texts are more like info in a data base file like Cantaffordit said. But again, you can hide the messaging app itself.
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    how do i hide the app itself?

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