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    Hey everyone,

    I recently came into possession of a Kindle and I like to save articles to it. Instapaper is nice, but you can't save articles from the Instapaper periodical sent to your Kindle and I have recipes, stories, and articles in there I'd like to have stored on my Kindle.

    Anyway, there is a service called ReKindleIT that takes a webpage and sends it to you to be read on your Kindle. It can also convert it to a mobile/Kindle-friendly version before sending it. It's a bookmarklet like Neato that sits in your bookmarks bar and when you click it, it'll send the page off. There is also a bookmarklet version that works on the iPhone.

    The service can send over 3G ($0.15/MB) and Wifi (free). It defaults to 3G for some reason, so make sure you click over to Wifi. In order for the service to work, you have to add their email address ( to the list of approved senders on your Manage Your Kindle Amazon page.

    Basically, this patch just calls up the page that the queues your article to be sent to your Kindle like their iPhone version, so they're doing all the work. Please check their website if you have any questions about the service. The ReKindleIT option is located under the Page submenu on the Browser menu.

    I uploaded a version with just ReKindleIT and a Bad Kitty SuperMix patch with ReKindleIT added to it (uninstall the old Bad Kitty SuperMix). If I knew how to make a version that worked with and without Bad Kitty SuperMix in one patch, I would make one, but I don't know how.

    You must own a Kindle for this to work. The service works by sending items to your user@(free.) address and Amazon only gives you one of those if you actually own a Kindle, unfortunately.
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    Nice work thanks, will check this out.
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    maplha I haven't purchased a Kindle but I have the kindle app on my ipod touch. Do you know if this will get sent to the kindle app or do you have to have a kindle to get the feature?
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamouton View Post
    maplha I haven't purchased a Kindle but I have the kindle app on my ipod touch. Do you know if this will get sent to the kindle app or do you have to have a kindle to get the feature?
    If you choose wifi delivery, what will happen if you have a Kindle 3 is that Amazon will deliver it to your Kindle via wifi whenever you hop on a wifi network.

    In addition, it sends you an email that contains the converted webpage, which you can then download on your iPod touch if the email program there allows it (or PC, if you are using an older model Kindle). I don't know how the Kindle app works on iOS, but the file it sends is in Amazon's .azw format, so if the Kindle app reads those files on your device, it should work.

    Idk if it still sends an email with 3G delivery because I've never used it, though.

    EDIT: Oh sorry, I forgot. For this app to work, you need a Kindle address because it sends to your Kindle address. I don't know if you get a Kindle address with just one of the apps and not a Kindle.

    EDIT THE SEQUEL: Ok, it looks like a no-go if you do not actually own a Kindle, sorry for the inconvenience. I will edit that in.

    Periodicals such as newspapers, magazines, and blogs, and personal documents can only be delivered to and read on Kindle devices and cannot be viewed on Kindle for iPad/iPhone or other Kindle applications.
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    Ok thanks!
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    Great! Works very good, loving it!

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