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    I was watching a video on a windows phone 7 a while back. If I remember right, the reviewer demonstrated the phone turning on (the equivalent of pressing the power button) automatically when removed from the pocket. Im guessing this is a proximity sensor thing and was wondering if that can be patched on the Pre to do the same thing.
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    Wouldn't want it. The screen would be turning on all the time and the battery would drain even more. I've accidentally placed the phone in my front pant pocket without turning it off and the screen sensors while on, were sensitive enough to pocket dial and open apps.

    That, plus the fact that I don't don't believe Palm released the API for the proximity sensor will keep this from happening (IMO).
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    I'd be afraid that I'd always be bumping it, as I was taking it out and calling or messaging someone.

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    The phone didnt unlock. It turned on and showed the lock screen. And it only did this when taken out of the pocket so you didnt have to press the power button. I cant remember exactly how it worked. I was hoping someone knew the feature on WP7 that I was talking about. And I thought the proximity sensor has already been patched since we have the auto speaker phone via proximity sensor patch.

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