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    Hi everyone, I am delighting in my new Pre, and in the community here. What a lot of fun.

    A question though: I got an older pre to experiment on without burning my warranty - overclocking and stuff. But, for some reason the screen comes on inside the case. It goes on for a few seconds, then it goes to the lock screen, and then goes dark. Its enough to be reducing my battery life. Often when I take the phone out of the case, it is already on the lock screen. Or, I can tap the case and sometimes make the screen go on inside. I am actually having trouble duplicating this behaviour out of the case! It's cold up here in Alberta, Canada; could that do it?

    I don't mind using the top switch, it is in fine shape, but can't find a patch that ensure that only top switch will turn the screen on. Can anyone point me to something I may be missing?

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