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    I just thought I would share this weird occurrence that I didn't expect to see.

    I was running a fully patched Pre+ for a while and decided to go back to stock - much to my surprise, my battery life is doing better, and it seems pretty quick now - though I do notice a difference now that I'm not overclocked.

    Anyways, I had the multiple launcher pages patch installed and had my apps organized in 5 pages (regular use, misc. apps, games, utilities, and system).

    When I doctored my pre I was very surprised that when my palm profile loaded in, i still had 5 pages of apps. Which i thought was super odd, considering whenever I have done an OTA, i went down to 3 pages like default into my patches updated.

    Since then I have received a brand new Pre from verizon as a replacement. And again, to my surprise, my profile loaded in 5 pages of apps instead of the default 3. It even made me start questioning if 3 was the default, so I loaded the emulator and played with that in default settings which does in fact only have 3.

    I know 2.0 will add this feature stock, but it's pretty weird that I have it stock now. No complaints here - it's way nicer having the extra pages.

    Just thought it was interesting, and felt like sharing. Back to your morning coffee now!
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    It's known, that this is saved in your profile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by somline View Post
    It's known, that this is saved in your profile.
    Ah. thanks for the reply. I had done a search, but must have used terrible keywords.
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    It's ok. It's more likely the terrible search function here ;-)
    And sometimes info needs to get repeated also.

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