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    So I was trying to find a text from a couple months ago and quickly realized how much of a pain it is to scroll through months worth of texts! This got me thinking that someone needs to write a patch that enables searching through messages by the date they were sent/received.

    I am picturing something as follows. You pull up an individual contact's messaging history, make a gesture of some sort (in order to prevent your input from beginning a new message), and then type in a date. The patch would then scroll the messaging history to a location that starts with the date you entered and allow you to scroll through the rest of the history from that point forward.

    I have zero coding skills, so I have no idea how easy/hard this patch would be to create. All I know is that it would have come in handy quite a few times over the past year I have owned my webOS phone.
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    I agree, interesting idea. I would imagine that it would be equally as easy to search by the text in the message body too

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    +1 sounds like a great idea to me.
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    +4 lol can someone please do this? or at least confirm if it's even possible? This would def be very helpful.

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