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    I doctored my phone 2 days ago and it reset my phone as it normally would, but it didn't seem to wipe the phone as it normally would. That being the case, there are a handful of patches that will error out and not install. Anyome have any ideas of what to do or should I wipe the phone again or something? Thanks!
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    What error do you get? Post the error msg from preware.
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    So I am really mad. I restarted my phone like 500 times to see if something was stuck or whatever. well anyways, when I went to install the patches again to get the errors. IT INSTALLED! AAH!!! lol Glad it worked, but I was waiting to post on here till I messed it enough. Thanks for looking to help!
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    Always the same. If you want to show someone something, it will not happen.
    Good you posted it.
    If I have a question about doctoring now I know an expert ;-)
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    Between 4 pre's in the family, I have become pretty good at doctoring. lol

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