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    I am on my 4th palm pre plus due to odd malfunctions like screen, keyboard and so on. Each time I get a new replacement pre plus I go through the long process of installing preware and going through all the patches and tweaks to set up my phone to run and act the way the broken one was. I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW IF THERE IS A WAY TO DO THIS EASIER WITH A PROGRAM THAT WILL JUST MIRROR THE WAY I HAVE MY PRE PLUS SET UP ONTO THE NEW REPLACEMENT.
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    Have you tried Save/Restore?
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    Save/Restore should be all you need. From Preware, you would first need to save your package list (Menu >Saved Package List, then Update). Then, go to Save/Restore and select Save Application Data. It will have all apps that can have data backed up (including Preware) selected by default, so all you have to do is tap Save Selected.

    After that, you have to back up your USB files, then put those files on your new phone. You would then need to install Preware, install Save/Restore from Preware, Restore Application Data from Save/Restore, and finally go back to the Saved Package list in Preware and reinstall your apps/patches.

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    Just 25 easy steps...

    1) start preware
    2)Tap on menu and goto saved package list
    3)Tap Update
    4)Go Back to preware and search for save/restore
    5)Install Save/restore
    6) start save/restore and Tap on "save application Data"
    7)Turn on the apps you want to save data for (MAKE SURE PREWARE IS ON)
    8)Connect phone to comp in USB mode
    9)copy saverestore folder to computer
    10) Connect new phone to computer
    11) load preware on new device with woqi (instructions at
    12)start preware
    13)search for save restore
    14)Install save restore
    15)connect new phone to comp in USB mode
    16)copy saverestore folder from comp to new phone
    17)exit USB mode and start save restore app
    18)Tap on "Restore application data"
    19)turn on apps you want to restore (MAKE SURE PREWARE IS ON)
    20)Restore selected
    21)start Preware
    22)tap on menu and goto saved package list
    23)Tap Install all
    24)Fuly restart phone
    25) Done.. Enjoy your repatched device

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