Hi there,
i was wondering today if its possible to separate the IM notifications based on the user is talking.
I find very unuseful the actual notification system, because it only shows the last message recieved and a number indicating the other messages you recieved. But there is no way of knowing if those messages come from the same user or from different users.
For example, while working, i have my Pre with the Facebook chat turned on. I use it in a way that when i see a message coming to my Pre, i go the the Facebook page trough the PC and start chatting while my phone is recieving duplicates of the messages i recieve in the PC. So i assume that all the messages recieved in my pre are already read and i swipe the notification banner out. But other message coming from, for example, Gmail can have been recieved in between those facebook messages. So i would never know that.
The same problem happens with the incoming calls unanswered. But those use to be less in number, and can be easily viewed opening the phone app. But i would be very useful to have different notification banners too.

Anyone having the same frustation with the notification system?

Thanks to all in advance, as this community is awesome.

Sorry for my english too, im trying...