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    I had to change my cell phone number because of repeated text harassment and I could not find the patch to reject SMS messages. For some reason now, that Per-Contact Call Rejection patch is not working 100% when it comes to directing my blocked contacts to voicemail. The contact is being directed to voicemail, but is not being dumped into my voice mail box, they are getting to the "generic" number and then being asked to enter a mailbox number. I have tried deinstalling and reinstalling the patch also. I would hate to have to do a reset on the phone, but may if I can't get an answer.

    For those wondering "well if you changed your cell phone number why do you need to dump people to voicemail" I have my landline forwarded to my cell phone and several of my "annoyances" call the land line. I can't change that number without giving it to several of the "annoyances."
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    check out

    its free, and it has features for dumping calls.
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    I use 'Advanced Config for Sys Prefs' which adds the per contact block option. I just created a contact called 'telemarketers' set to Auto Hang Up (no VM option for them) and just add to that contact as need be. I have about 7 numbers there as it is..
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    Thanks Cantafford it. The problem seems to be with AT&T, when I set up my youvoice account and directed the phone there, and also set the patch to "dump to voicemail" I was able to have my "unwanted callers" forwarded to my youvoice vm with no issues. Unfortunately, I can't dump every caller, but this is just as good, plus I'll be able to save voicemails from several of the psychopaths that call me :-).

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