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    Is there a patch or way to change the font color of the top bar? Prefably one thats compatible with all the other top bar patches like repace carrier string and the one that adds the am/pm by the time and the mute icon and battery percent icon.
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    I know I've seen patches in the 'Top Bar' category in Preware that changed the font color. I think they also increase the font size a bit though. I believe 2sslow is the creator of those patches.
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    I hope you are on 1.4.5. You need to be to use these...

    I also believe 2sslow was the original creator of these patches, so the credit goes to 2sslow.

    Of course, you can only install one color at a time. These do not change the color of the wifi, rssi or battery icons, and they are compatible with the battery percent icons.

    If a different color is needed, just edit the patch and change the HTML color code to what you want.
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    thanks! ill give it a try. i need black so i can see it w/ a white/light wallpaper. i have the patch that makes the top bar transparent so the wallpaper is the background for the topbar.
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    bigup! it worked! thanks!
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    anyway to make the signal bar and ev the coor chosen?
    thanks for the patch!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stu5797 View Post
    anyway to make the signal bar and ev the coor chosen?
    thanks for the patch!
    You would have to make new images.
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    mine is orange and it wont let me change it back to normal... wont even let me change it to navy or any of the other choices.... is there any one that can help?
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    I have the same exact problem. my top bar is orange (the service provider and time)
    it got like that from a theme but when the theme was uninstalled .... it obviously wasnt fully uninstalled im guessing

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