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    Patch request - custom ls2 files for built in WebOS 1.x app services on WebOS 2 - That about says it all.

    I'm thinking a custom ls2 file for the following services will enable the WebOS 1.x applications each of them serve to work on WebOS 2

    There's one Homebrew service in this list, it enables the use of a built in app (MHS) in certain circumstances.

    - ryans hope freetetherd service - custom ls2 file may allow MHS to function on carriers who do not support tethering.

    - AT&T Navigator

    - Amazon Music Service for use on unlocked US GSM Pre 2's

    Feel free to post any other built in apps that do not run on the Pre 2 in this thread.

    I'm going to work on these first 3 WHEN I can find the time, unless someone here beats me to it. (I would welcome this due to the limited time resources I have available this week).


    EDIT: Apologize for this thread. Seems these will require more to implement than just a simple patch for each app.
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