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    Hello! I got a text message today and looked at my touch bar and my light was flashing (Indicating i had a text message). I missed a call, The touchbar lit up flashing twice every other second. and then i saw another transition. when both light sides come in towards the middle and then back out.

    Now heres the question. Is there a patch that puts can make these lights come on whenever the phone goes on stand by? (When the phone goes to sleep mode)

    I really like the lights the phone puts up and it makes it more interesting to watch at night!

    I would like the light transitions to be random.

    Is there a patch that can enable this? How can i make a patch?

    thank you!

    I know this is a useless patch xD but it'll look nice ^_^
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    useless, but id install it
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    Quote Originally Posted by bradenfontaine View Post
    useless, but id install it
    Thats what i thought too! aha But it'd be nice to have them on while you're playing music or something! idk i just adore the light bar!
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    Ability to change transition for each type as a patch too? Maybe?
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    YESS!!! exactly, the ability to choose what transitions show and also the ability to randomize the light effects

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