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    I've been searching around in Preware, and I've been looking for a patch that can make the messaging alert ringtone play a bit longer. I found one, but the downside to it, was that once it started playing, it doesn't stop until the song/ringtone is over. Anyone know any patches like this?
    Thank You!
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    You just need to edit a song or sound clip to be the length you want. Then you can save it to the 'ringtones' folder on the USB section of your phone. That will let you use the clip.

    There's no need for a 'patch' to lengthen or shorten the sound, you just make one work
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    What licotto said...just get a longer ringtone as your message alert. If you use the SMS tone per contact or the advance system preferences patch, you can dedicate a tone for each contact as well.
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    There are also patches to make the vibration last longer.
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    I think the OP wants a patch that allows you to have a long ringtone that will stop playing once you press a button on your phone.

    For example, say you have a minute long ringtone and you want it to be a minute long so there is more chance of you hearing it if your in another room. However if you have your phone on you and ringtone goes off you would be able to press the power button and the sms tone would stop playing.

    To the OP: What you can do until a patch is made is when the sms tone goes off switch your mute switch and the tone should stop playing. Its less than ideal but currently the only way (that I know of) to stop an sms tone from playing the whole thing out. I did it for a bit but got tired of it and switched to a shorter tone again haha

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