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    If somebody could add FLAC/OGG support to webOS, we could about name it perfectOS.

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    FLAC is a great format, it would be wonderful see a player for it. Even better add it to Music Remix 2.0
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    I want it. Unfortunately, no one make it!
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    This is a great idea!
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    +1, would be nice to have this great format ported to webos.
    plus the fact that audio on webos is pretty nice, it would make a good sound
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    MPlayer 1.0 is able to play Flac and Ogg. It's not a Patch, it's an App. Not very beautifull, but it works. You should try it.
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    Where can I get MPlayer 1.0 for webOS???
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    you can download it here :

    There is a Thread about mPlayer on this Site, just use the search Option.
    Download the ipk, install it with internalz and every Media File should be playable.

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