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    Like the thread title says, can a patch be made so that when I navigate to a page, then use the backswipe to go back to the first page it doesn't goto the top of the page? What I mean is when I do the backswipe from the second page, the first page shows up in the position on the page where I was when I navigated away while the page is loading, which I usually continue scrolling down on the page from that point. But as soon as the page finishes loading it jumps to the top, which is unbelieveably annoying. Thanks in advance.
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    My browser does this already. The only time it doesn't is if the previous page isn't still in cache or is forced to refresh.
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    if you double tap to zoom . The page will completely load almost always 99.9% of the time
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    my browser doesn't go back to the top. There is also a cool patch that uses the backspace and enter key to jump to the top or bottom of the page. It saves tons of scrolling.

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